Connecting With People

We all know that organizations are looking for innovative ways to reach their audience.  Historically, the Allegany Arts Council hosts their awards show in person at their studio in Cumberland, Maryland.  While hosting the show online could be done using Zoom, Julie Westendorff the Executive Director understands the value of creating something more engaging.  Using our state of the art production system, we are able to create real time conversation and bring in social media comments as they are happening.  Having two-way interaction is critical to allowing the viewers the opportunity to be there “virtually”.

Livestream 2.0

Having just broadcast their National Photography Competition and Exhibition, Allegany Arts Council chose to return to Allegany Media due to their innovation.  During the first livestream, we turned a gallery into a full studio featuring a projector as a tele-prompter, 3 Cameras, Studio Lighting, Wireless Mics, and a custom graphics package.

For this next stream we will pre-record a walk through video of the art being displayed and use a smaller set as the juror will be brought into the livestream from Pittsburgh.

Broadcast On Your Platform!

It is important to ensure that broadcast companies livestream to your pages and platforms.  The reason is that your viewers are not going to search by guessing which video production company is doing the work.  You have to make it simple to find your content.  The second and most important is that the viewership metrics should be attributed to the hiring organization.  When you choose to serve people well, you want THEM to succeed.  Their success equals your success.