Interactive Church Virtual Tour Released

We recently completed phase one of a virtual tour for Chestnut Ridge Church “The Ridge” in Morgantown, West Virginia.  The client received a tour on Google Streetview which is an amazing way to increase SEO (search engine optimization) scores but also the package included an interactive virtual tour as well.  Reaching younger demographics can be important for the long-term health and viability of many churches.  Virtual tours are a great way to create a digital welcome mat for the first time guest.  Imagine being able to come to the church long before you even arrive.

The interactive tour is a great way to highlight areas of your facility that need to be showcased.  At Chestnut Ridge, we wanted to showcase the kid’s hallways that were designed by Iron Spirits.  The tour features embedded web links, videos, and aerial pictures.  You can explain how great an area is, and even show it off with 2-D pictures, but none of that compares to actually being in the space.  The virtual tour is fully interactive with your device’s gyroscope, so as your phone moves, so does the tour.  It doesn’t just look great on your phone, VR headset or tablet, but also on a full size screen or even on a touch screen in your lobby.  If you do not have content for the tour, we can create that for you as well.  We offer a full range of services from aerial video/photo, photography, video production and graphic design.

Why are virtual tours important going forward?

In 2017, virtual tours are expected to gain major traction as devices start to enter the mainstream marketplace.  Now is your opportunity to get ahead of the curve and showcase your church in a way never before possible.  We offer flexible packages that allow you to capture your full facility at once, or build areas over time.  The great part is that if anything changes over time, the tour is able to be edited with only the changes, which is a signifigant savings over capturing the entire tour again.

To see the entire virtual tour in an interactive version, click here.  Want to know more about how easy it is to create a tour for your organization?  Fill out the contact form below to get started!