Prep Baseball Report West Virginia chooses Allegany Media to livestream a weekend baseball tournament in Charleston, WV.  With the experience to deliver a high-quality broadcast, we continue to push what is possible through innovative techniques like adding in radar pitch speed.  It is more than just pressing live, we understand the whole marketing package to get their organization more views.


The tournament was originally scheduled for Keyser, WV and due to COVID-19 the venue needed changed to a minor league stadium at Power Park.  We were able to adapt, find local camera operators and willing to take our production on the road.  Having setup and test our setup the day prior a sudden powerful rain storm came into town and wrecked the field.  After just one game played, we learned the venue would need to be changed again and it would happen first thing the next morning.  Our team quickly packed up and headed to the new ballfield to scout it.  The next morning kicked off at 5am duplicating the work from the day before.  We were ready to go by 9:30am and began tech tests with the livestream.  As the weekend would continue to throw in curveballs, the mount of the turf field ripped and yet another field change.  Luckily it was the same complex at an adjacent field, we were able to move power and video cables within 30 minutes and still keep up a static wide shot of the field being played on.


We have the distinct privilege to stay on top of breaking innovations in media production through our role as a consultant with leading brands in our industry.  The owner Ryan serves as the Chief Technical Director for The Streamcast Network based in New York, NY.  This role allows for influence with fortune 50/100 companies that are creating innovative approaches of marketing through live video production.  Ryan also serves as the host for The Smart Livestreamer podcast featured on Spotify, Apple, and Google.  He took everything he knows to blow the minds of PBR by including the pitch speed into the livestream.  This had not been done and the result has led to a partnership with Pocket Radar to develop an off the shelf solution for other streaming providers.


After everything that was thrown our way, it would have been easy to pack up the gear and head home.  We were WAY over our hours and adding in the complexity of many unknowns, other companies would have just pulled out the contract and left.  We simply cannot leave a client high and dry so we do what any good friend does, we jumped in to help problem solve and part of the solution, not the problem.

Future Opportunities

Having completed a full weekend of streaming, PBR WV has turned to us again for a series of tournaments that will be livestreamed on their social media.  We plan to continue to innovate and unveil our new radar unit behind the dougout.  We will also launch our new dedicated client page for PBR on our website so that family, friends, scouts, colleges have a quick way to find the games.